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Slack is one of the best tools to communicate and organize your team and projects all in one place.

Instead of you searching through Slack’s app directory and experimenting with bot after bot, we’ve done the hard work for you.

We’ve listed 11 of the best Slack apps to boost productivity for your team.

1. Google Calendar

Automatically sync your Google Calendar to your Slack status to let your team know when you are in a meeting. From viewing your daily schedule or receiving up-to-the-minute reminders, keep your calendar top of mind without leaving Slack. …

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Slack is good for a lot more than sending hilarious cat GIFs to your coworkers.

Slack can help teams who are used to working at an office stay well while working from home.

Here are 16 Slack apps that will help you in promoting healthy habits and wellness for your team.

1. Trivia

Trivia is the new way to connect with your remote team while playing exciting quizzes and remote games on Slack and Microsoft Teams! Get summarised results at the end of every Trivia quiz and find your very own Quizzard!

I love you just the way you are

I love you because you love me too

Just like the way I do.

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AI has made headlines for the last few years and it’s here to make an impact. But what does exactly that mean for HR professionals and recruiters?

While adopting artificial intelligence has benefits of its own, the organizations that are the real head-turners are those that have integrated artificial intelligence into the very cores of their business.

HR professionals said talent acquisition is one of the most important areas where AI will play a role over the next few years.

In this article, you’ll see the use of Artificial Intelligence in talent acquisition.

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Finding new ways for teams to motivate and connect?

Here are 13 Slack bots that will bring fun and build a human connection to your workspace.

1. Trivia

Trivia helps teams forge stronger connections by enabling people to conduct team-building activities and games and feel more productive. Trivia brings together teams to play real-time games and virtual water coolers right inside Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat.

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With millions of people forced into working from home by the current situation, companies are finding ways to keep teams connected across the globe.

One tool is quickly emerging as the most popular of the remote collaboration bunch: Slack.

Slack has a treasure of bots and apps, and integrations, that can be used to make daily efforts in the workplace easier.

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You walk into a retail store. A salesperson approaches you, asks you questions, tries to understand your needs, and then recommends a perfect product based on your responses.

In another case, you go to a shop, and the sales rep directly slaps you with the plethora of products they have at the store.

What do you like more?

The first case, right?

And this is how every customer experience must be personalized, whether it is in-store or via chats!

In today’s world, where more and more customers are purchasing online, chats replace physical representatives. Even customers love it! …

P.C. Namrata Kashyap

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More stunning than the Sun.

Beautiful, you’re the One.

Including my email template

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What does a blogger need most?

Traffic. Shares. Subscribers.

One thing that I learned from my blogging journey: It’s not easy to get people to come to your blog when you’re just starting out.

But I’ve got a simple solution to help you achieve it: an expert roundup post.

And the best part?

You only write 20% of the content and experts write the other 80%.

Sounds easy, right?

But you need the right process to do it successfully. It’ll take a lot of time and effort to produce a great post.

I’ve created expert roundup posts successfully multiple times…

Get moving.

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Do you want to keep your remote employees fit and healthy? Do you conduct workplace fitness challenges?

Fitness challenges can help your team achieve their fitness goals and build camaraderie along the way!

Why Should You Conduct Workplace Fitness Challenges?

Before we talk about workplace fitness challenge ideas, it’s important to ask why you should run company fitness challenges? Why should you offer them to remote employees?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 80% of American adults don’t get the recommended amount of exercise per week.

And the bad health of your employees can affect the productivity and long-term success of your organization.

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