Follow vs. No-Follow Backlinks — What you Need to Know

Pawan Kumar
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All relationships in the real world aren’t counted equally; it’s the same in the online world.

Search engines keep track of all of your site’s inbound links. Each site with many links gets more points or ‘link juice’ which then adds to its authority. But some inbound links won’t bring ‘link juice’; why?

Because the site’s webmaster chose to give you a no-follow attribute. Here’s how it looks:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

Such an attribute signals the search engines that they need not follow a link. Does that mean that you should be aiming to get only ‘Follow’ links?

Well, ‘Follow’ links should be a priority for an SEO professional. But getting No-Follow links from quality sites could do a world of good to your business.

In fact, 48% of marketers report on “no-follow” links as part of their process.

They fetch relevant referral traffic and improve a business’s visibility and improve direct site traffic.

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