How to edit your writing

You have created the first draft of your content. Now, it’s time to review and edit it.

Editing is fascinating! It makes your content more beautiful, engaging, and clear.

Editing takes at least three rounds before publishing.

First round can focus on fact checking and the tone of the story.

The second round could focus on grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (use Grammarly).

And third round could be the final look to check everything seem good and it’s ready to go live.

And there you have it.

Bonus Tip: Show Your Unique Style

Everyone has a unique style. Everyone has a unique voice. Same goes in writing, don’t be afraid to show your voice. Think about what value you’re delivering in your message.

If you’re a new writer, don’t be afraid to show yourself. The world lacks real voices, so if you could stand out from everybody else who follows school rules, you get recognized faster.

Happy writing :)



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