Losing track of time while WFH?

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How have you been adjusting to working from home?

It may have been exciting in the beginning… not having to go into the office. You may feel like you had more flexibility with your time.

But slowly, many are discovering that the line between their work and personal time is blurring. That’s because we’re spending almost all of our time at home! And this can create some disadvantages.

You might be taking a longer time to get the same amount of work done because of distractions you normally wouldn’t get if you were at the office. You might be feeling fatigue from being in the same place all day.

Since your ‘office’ is now at home, there is a tendency for us to forgo the official working hours and start working whenever we wish or are able to. As a result, you may also find that your sleep cycle is affected. This results in your energy levels and overall productivity being affected.

Again, since you’re spending more time indoors, it might be that you never really stop looking at your phone or laptop screens.

So how can you ensure that your personal well being and productivity is maintained?

The key is to set clear boundaries so that your mind is aware of ‘work mode’ and ‘off work mode’.

As much as you can, stick to your usual work routine or work hours, and have a proper workspace or area that is separated from distractions.

Be sure to ‘switch off’ so that you can ‘switch on’.

When work hours are over, put away your laptop, and rest your eyes. Put on some music, or the radio…prepare dinner, or have a conversation with your family, friends, or kids. Do the house chores, or draw a relaxing bath.

Anything that lets your mind and body know that it’s rest time. Remember it’s important to have self-care!



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