My Personal Favorite Tools and Resources

Every writer and blogger needs great tools and resources.

Here, I’m sharing some tools and resources I use as a blogger. I hope you’ll find these tools helpful.

I have used these tools personally, that’s why I’m recommending them.


1. Cssigniter

I use the CSSigniter themes for my personal and clients’ blogs.

2. GoDaddy

There are a lot of hosting provider companies out there. I use GoDaddy. They are reliable, fast, and professional.

3. MailChimp

It’s an email marketing tool. I suggest it to beginner bloggers and entrepreneurs to get familiar with email marketing.

4. Upscribe

You can use it to build sign-up forms for Medium and WordPress.

5. Grammarly

I use this tool to cross-check grammatical and spelling mistakes. I STRONGLY recommend it to all the writers.

6. Google Docs

I always write in Google Docs. It’s simple.

7. Evernote

I use Evernote to store ideas, tasks, and notes.

8. Hootsuite

This tool helps me to schedule the posts on social media.

9. Canva

I strongly recommend it to all the writers and bloggers out there. It helps me create beautiful graphics for my blog and social media posts.

10. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

This tool helps you to write compelling headlines. Just go there and check your score.

11. Sumo

Sumo is an easy-to-use tool to grow your email list. Build sign-up forms and embed them on your website.

12. On Writing

A book by Stephen King. I HIGHLY recommend it to all the writers and novelists out there.

13. Google Slides

I create all my ebooks and PDFs through Google Slides.

14. Adazing Ebook Cover Creator

I use this tool to create cover images for my ebooks — pre-built templates to customize your book cover.

15. Google Analytics

This helps to check your site traffic and makes your understand your visitors.


I asked my fellow writers and bloggers to share their favorite tools and resources. Here are some of the tools that you’ll find interesting :)


Small SEO Tools

Yoast SEO Plugin

Ginger (Spell Checker)

Hemingway Editor


Keywords Everywhere



Do you use any of these tools? Or would you love to add your favorite to this list? Just drop your views in the comment section and let me know.

Happy Writing :)



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