Relationship-based Link Building, NOT just Link Building

Pawan Kumar
1 min readJul 17, 2022
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Let’s take our link building efforts to the next level — Relationship-based Link Building

Websites don’t give you links: the people who run the websites do.

Once you have made the initial connections, it’s time to get organized.

Consistency is the key to solid and long-term link relationships.

  • You should follow/connect them on social networking platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and keeping up with what your prospects are posting on their blogs/social feeds.
  • Share the guest post sites from where we can get link for them and Ask them to share the sites where they get us links.
  • Check with them frequently (like what kind of content they’re working upon, and check if they can connect you with more prospects)
  • Share your strategies with them and ask for advice
  • Check if they allow content contribution on their blog

This provides more opportunities to build links (with less efforts) in the future, branch out your network and scale our site visibility MUCH more.




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