Resource Link Building Hacks

Pawan Kumar
1 min readJan 3, 2024
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Step 1: Identify Resource Pages

Search for websites within your niche that have resource pages. These pages typically compile links to valuable tools, articles, or information related to a specific topic.

Step 2: Create a Valuable Resource

Develop a high-quality and comprehensive resource within your niche. This could be an ultimate guide, a tool, or a collection of statistics relevant to your industry.

Step 3: Outreach to Website Owners

Reach out to the owners of the websites with resource pages, introducing your resource and explaining how it adds value. Ask if they would consider adding your resource to their list.

Bonus Step: Guestographics Technique

Create an infographic related to your resource, as they are highly shareable. Offer the infographic along with a brief description to websites that might be interested, asking for a link back to your resource.

This hack leverages the appeal of valuable content and can result in natural, high-quality backlinks.



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